The CIARD community is not actively coordinated at the moment. Most of the partners in CIARD now collaborate uder the umbrella of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initative (GODAN). Many founding members of CIARD (FAO, GFAR, CGIAR, CTA...) are members of GODAN.
GODAN inherits most of the values of CIARD and currently carries the torch of the open data movement for food and agriculture.


CIARD is a global movement dedicated to open agricultural knowledge. We help to align the efforts of national, regional and international institutions, and to establish better connections to improve sharing of information and services.

Partners in CIARD believe that open knowledge makes it easier to develop better solutions to agricultural challenges. Furthermore, we contribute to reducing hunger and poverty, because agricultural development is such an important driver of economic growth.

CIARD partners collaborate to develop common standards, share knowledge and promote open institutional approaches.

Our vision

Agricultural knowledge is freely accessible and contributes to reducing hunger and poverty.

Our Objective

To collaborate constructively in order to develop common standards, share knowledge and contribute to coherent, effective and open institutional approaches to agricultural knowledge.


CIARD partners contribute to three priority areas:

  • Making knowledge more accessible, through open systems and international standards
  • Developing capacities of individuals and institutions
  • Advocating for more effective investment to improve access to knowledge and provide evidence of the benefit of this investment

The need for CIARD

Agricultural development remains a key driver for economic growth and is essential for food security. However, agricultural technicians and practitioners are often not aware of the knowledge and innovations that can help them to solve the problems they face. And solutions may not be taken up more widely because they lack visibility.

CIARD aims to fill those gaps.

New information and communication technologies can greatly increase the potential positive impact that knowledge can have on agricultural and rural development and natural resources management. To ensure that the institutions’ knowledge is openly available and effectively used, CIARD partners have developed online resources and tools, such as the Checklist and Pathways. Use these to open access to agricultural knowledge.

Beyond technology

However, CIARD is about much more than technology. Partners are working to ensure that policies, organizational processes and systems, and people are in place, to make the most of digital technologies and other media.

Benefits to CIARD partners

  • Increased visibility and use of their own agricultural knowledge
  • Improved exchange of knowledge at all levels
  • Increased their awareness of and access to the knowledge of others

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