The CIARD community is not actively coordinated at the moment. Most of the partners in CIARD now collaborate uder the umbrella of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initative (GODAN). Many founding members of CIARD (FAO, GFAR, CGIAR, CTA...) are members of GODAN.
GODAN inherits most of the values of CIARD and currently carries the torch of the open data movement for food and agriculture.


Participation in the CIARD movement offers many benefits to you and your organization. We welcome individuals and institutions that support the CIARD manifesto

For information about becoming a CIARD partner, please contact the Secretariat.

To register an organization profile

Click on "Register" on the right hand side of the and complete the registration form. You will receive an email to confirm.

Once your user account is registered, you can complete a profile for your participating organization. The link to register a new organization profile is under the "User" menu on the top of the page.

The profile includes some basic information about your organization. Before adding a new organization, please check here to see whether it has already been registered by someone else.

To update an organizational profile that was registered by another user, please contact the CIARD Secretariat. We will put you in contact with the author of the original record.

What next?

  • Promote your support for the CIARD Manifesto and Values and your participation in CIARD via your website and communications.
  • Place the CIARD logo on your website. ciard-logo.gif 
  • Register your information service(s) on the CIARD RING to increase the visibility of your open knowledge.
  • Promote this participation by placing the RING logo on the relevant page of your website. ciard-ring-logo.gif
  • Work with colleagues in your organization to achieve the components in the CIARD Checklist

Open Letter to institutions

CIARD partners have drafted an Open Letter to encourage management and staff to support open agricultural knoweldge and the CIARD movement.

To register as individual As a member, you can contribute content and participate. CIARD members have many ways to share knowledge on open agricultural knowledge, so Join today to get started!

CIARD welcomes individuals who share the vision of open agricultural knowledge serving to reduce poverty and hunger. You may have ideas and practices to share with the community, or you may want help to open your agricultural knowledge.

CIARD provides an open and free space to exchange ideas, suggestions, questions, solutions around the core areas of open agriculturalknowledge.

Task forces

The CIARD movement has followed the recommendations of the IISAST Expert Consultations, which attributed a high priority to intervention in three major areas, namely “Advocacy”, “Capacity building” and “Content Management”, recognizing that in fact they are closely inter-related.

Three Task Forces focusing on these areas that coordinate activities within the CIARD movement, and comprise communities of practice in themselves. The Task Forces conduct collaborative activities, and foster active communication either face-to-face or through virtual collaboration spaces. The respective areas of intevention are as follows:

  • Advocacy: actions to secure commitment and participation from critical members of the various stakeholder constituencies in agricultural science and technology (local, national, regional, international).
  • Capacity building: international and regional actions to support national level capacity building.
  • Content management: methodologies and tools for open access publishing and interlinking different information types.

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