OpenKnowledge: Changing the global course of learning

For those interested in Open Knowledge and Open Science, I would like to introduce the online free course that the Standford University will deliver from September to December 2014.  The OpenKnowledge: Changing the global course of learning provides an introduction to the important concept of openness from a variety of perspectives, including education, publishing, librarianship, economics, politics, and more.  Open Knowledge is international and multi-institutional, bringing together instructors and students from Canada, Ghana, Mexico, the United States, and the rest of the world.

The course is organized by John Willinsky from Stanford University and PKP, and delivered by professors from the Stanford University, University of the State of Mexico, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana, Fordham University in the U.S., and Simon Fraser University in Canada.

The course schedule is the following:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Open Knowledge
  • Week 2: Technological Change, Digital Identity, and Connected Learning
  • Week 3: Participatory Culture, Citizen Journalism, Citizen Science
  • Week 4: Intellectual Property, Copyright, and the Economics of Open
  • Week 5: Historical Perspectives: Learned Publishing from Medieval to Modern Times
  • Week 6: Open Science, Data, Access, Source, Review
  • Week 7: Open Educational Resources: From Lesson Plans to Instructional Videos
  • Week 8: Archives, Databases, Encyclopedia: Evaluating Open Collections and Reference Sources
  • Week 9: Scholarly Publishing and Communications: Journals, Books, and Publication of Research
  • Week 10: Information Literacy: Overload, Filters, and Developing a Critical Lens
  • Week 11: Global Perspectives on Equity, Development, and Open Knowledge
  • Week 12: Student Publishing: Lessons in Publishing, Peer Review, and Knowledge Sharing
  • Week 13: The Future of Open Knowledge

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Anil JHA (Nepal)

Interesting. I would like to join.