Workshop on Wheat Data Standards & Interoperability: "Bringing together the building-blocks of a common framework"

A Workshop on Wheat Data Standards & Interoperability titled "Bringing together the building-blocks of a common framework" will take place between 1 & 2 of October 2014 at the premises of INRA, Versailles, France.

The Workshop aims to bring together a group wheat researchers form various areas of expertise, along with bioinformaticians, data mangers, and data users to develop and refine a set of Wheat Data Interoperability Guidelines, which will promote and sustain wheat data sharing, reusability, and interoperability.

The workshop will focus on a limited set of wheat data types: SNPs, genomic annotations, phenotypes, genetic maps, physical maps, and germplasm.

Objectives of the workshop: The main objective of the workshop is to provide guidance to the Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group on which priorities should be given to data types with non standardized data formats, what existing use cases can be used for showcasing the gain of interoperability that linked data can bring, discuss and adjust the draft of the cookbook, and prepare a "White Paper" to publicize and communicate the recommended guidelines.

You can find more information at the website of the Workshop.