Big data from Food Safety Inspection

The city government of Dongguan  (Guangdong province, South China) has set up a big program for the inspection of slaughterhouses to assure the the healths of pigs that are delivered from all over China for the city of Dongguan. More than  4 Million pigs a year from  5000 producers from the entire country a covered by the inspection program. The slaughterhouses distributed in 32 towns are equipped with networked high-resolution cameras, which transmit images to the central inspection office in city center. Together with the image data from fearture analysis and other biochemical inspections are transmitted.  Every transport of animals from producers to slaughterhouse equipped with an RFID lable to trace the transport.  The overall goal of the inspection program is to get a tracing from the producer to the final sales point facing the consumer.  To get here various issues have to be resolved. Tracing single animals with an RFID lable would be an enormous resource consuming and expensive project.

At the moment one of the primary goals is to evaluate the Gigabytes of data that are accumulated through the inspection program. The Dongguan veterinary inspection unit is looking for collaboration in this enterprise.  More information about this program can be obtained by writing to Burley Zhong Wang (<>).