Government of Guangdong Province wants to go for open data

Johannes Keizer from the AIMS team in Rome was invited to speak with a working group of the Guangdong (SouthChina) provincial government about the possibilities and issues to make  governmental data publicly available.

The provincial government sees the necessity to make governmental data accessible among the bureaus and to citizens with a special emphasis also on  Food Safety related data.

The presentation focussed ot the material and results of the recent SEMIC meeting of the  EC ISA program.  ( Experiences from various European countries were presented and discussed  like "what can we do for quality assurance?", "how can we harmonize different data standards?".

The working group will now go to study further experiences in other Chinese provinces and municipalities, but will come also to the European experiences.  It was discussed the possibilites and forms of further communitcaion on this issue such as to hold a Symposium in Guangzhou on  Linked open Data or to organize a study tour to Europe.