Background information on Open Data

  • Open data wikipedia  provides a consolidated view of open data resources and materials providing definitions and overview.
  • Open Data Handbook aims to define key concepts in open data and also open government data and provides steps on how to open data, includes a glossary of key terms.
  • The Next web of open, linked data is a Tim Benners Lee’s talk where captures the vision for the next web of open and linked data.
  • World Bank open data learning materials provides detailed information in understanding the Open Data initiative and also experiences from the World Bank projects in open data.
  • Open Data for Development (OD4D) is an open data project that seeks to contribute to the development of Open Data strategies to influence public policies in the economies of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Legal issues and Open Data

Selected Open Data Projects

  • DBPedia is a community effort to extract structured information  from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web.
  • Open Data Foundation is a non profit organisation dedicated to the adoption of global metadata standards and the development of open-source solutions promoting the use of statistical data.
  • Linked Open Data Around the Clock (LATC) is an EU-funded project that supports the community to publish and consume Linked Data.
  • LOD2-Knowledge Out of Linked Data  is an EU–funded project that aims to develop ready tools and methodologies for exposing and managing very large amounts of structured information on the Data Web.
  • Open Data Catalog - Comprehensive listing of Open data initiatives by public bodies in United States and Europe. It is managed by a group of leading open data experts from around the world - including representatives from local, regional and national governments, international organisations such as the World Bank, and numerous NGOs.

Open Data Initiatives

Linked Open Data