A number of documents, websites, blogs, other online resources and results from face to face activities were used to compile this toolkit which we wanted to recognise and credit as well as share with you.



Other good resources

There are a number of websites, blogs and other online resources which can provide good information, examples and experiences about 'unlocking agricultural knowledge for all' as well as for undertaking advocacy


This toolkit was developed by the Communication and Knowledge Team of the CGIAR Consortium Office as part of its work with the CIARD movement, and in partnership with colleagues from FAO. We would particularly like to recognise the efforts of the following people: CGIAR (Communications and Knowledge Team):

  • Nadia Manning-Thomas
  • Enrica Porcari
  • Francesca Pelloni
  • Peter Casier

FAO (Knowledge and Capacity for Development):

  • Stephen Rudgard
  • Franz Martin

CIARD partners, specifically the CIARD Advocacy Task Force:

  • Krishan Bheenick (CTA)
  • Myra Woopereis (FARA)
  • Viviana Palmieri (IICA-FORAGRO)
  • Hugo Besemer (WUR)
  • Taraneh Ebrahimi. (AARINENA)
  • Attaluri Srinivasacharyulu (APAARI)